Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There must be an election coming up

The Coward Republican Party is starting to issue the empty platitudes about needing to secure the border.

Sorry, Mr. Frist. Your 11th hour electioneering won't work on people who have actually been paying attention to the Senate's actions - or lack thereof.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ohio: No conviction? No problem!

The state of Ohio has just passed legislation that allows prosecutors, the state attorney-general, or even private citizens to put other citizens on the state’s sex offender registry – all without the need for a costly trial.

While I think that sex offenders, especially child molesters, are vile creatures, I firmly believe in the right of due process, something which is denied to the accused in this first-of-its-kind “civil registry”. I am supremely confident that other states will enact measures similar to this one.

I’ve been saying for the last few years that “sex offenses” would be the new Scarlet Letter. I guess that time is now here.