Friday, July 01, 2005

State of the Blog Address

Last Thursday night, Brian and I came up with the concept of this blog as a means of expressing our disgust with the repeated government assaults on our fundamental rights as they are laid out in the U.S. Constitution. We figured posting on this blog would be cathartic - a way to vent our frustrations in a manner with which we were proficient: writing. We also decided to invite several other bloggers to join us in our frustrated rants.

That said, no one on the CDP team suspected this blog would take off as quickly as it has. Since late Monday evening, when I added the hit counter, we have received almost 900 hits. On behalf of the CDP team, I would like to extend our thanks everyone who has stopped by. We would also like to give special thanks to those who have helped contribute to this blog's content.

In the near future, probably sometime in the next week or so, I will be taking the time to rewrite the blog template to make it neater and more pleasing to look at. I'll post a warning before I do the actual update in case things don't go well and the blog starts acting funny.

Also, PLEASE don't hesitate to either leave a comment or to email us. Constructive feedback and content recommendations will always be welcome.


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