Friday, May 26, 2006

You ever wonder why this nation is crumbling?

Here's one good reason: American Idol outvotes the president

A prematurely grey soul singer from Alabama who was once likened to a drunken dad at a wedding triumphed in the American Idol finale, which drew more votes than have ever been cast for a president in a US election.

That's right. Ever.

We have forgotten our roots. Our schools don't bother teaching our kids our history. They're too busy teaching them how to be sensitive to other people's feelings, instead of giving them the tools to become self-reliant, informed adults. They're too busy teaching to standardized tests demanded by politicians whose only goal is to gain power at the expense of those they represent.

The average American doesn't know who the Vice President is, and doesn't care. They don't understand the Constitution. They don't understand the fundamental principles on which this nation was built. They're too busy screeching for a new law every time things don't go their way. They're too busy being offended and demanding that the law protect their nonexistent right not to be. They're too busy relying on the government for everything from education to protecting their property to defining what is moral and what isn't, while patently ignoring the fact that those whom they elected, for the most part, wouldn't know morality if it bit them on the fourth point of contact.

Is it any wonder most Americans know more about a television cartoon than they do about the First Amendment? After all, government officials haven't a clue either.

We hear Americans bitch and moan about how dissatisfied they are with this Congress and with this administration. And yet, we have a 97 percent incumbency rate in this country! Every two years, the same uninformed, apathetic losers who vote the corrupt, the ignorant and the tyrannical into their offices in the first place and whine about the loss of our rights and the decline of our nation, go to the polls again and vote for the same people!

Is it time to just quit? I wonder.

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