Friday, June 24, 2005

Con Carne or Con Carni?

I've been floating the idea past the other contributors to this Blog of starting a "Constitutional Carnival" to highlight the latest in Constitutionalist Blogging. We're still in our chambers deliberating. But I thought I'd start with a trial balloon post this week by providing a roundup of excellent Blog posts on this topic.

Now, to be a true carnival, it would require that all the linked posts have been submitted voluntarily by their posters. So instead of calling it a Con(stitutional) Carni(val), this week I'm just calling it Con Carne, since there's a lot of meat out there to sink your teeth into:

Michelle Malkin Feels "Rooked".

GayOrbit "chimed" in.

Vilmar Tavares' "Rant" was "Right ON".

McGehee is "Conteptuous of the Court".

Brash Limburg Has a "Lock" on things.

The Therapist has an idea that might be called "The Bader's Hof is Mein Hof Group".

Professor Bainbridge: He's outrageous and outraged.

You knew Glenn would weigh in.

Arguing with Signposts has an even better rundown of Blog entries on the decision.

Nicki, one of our contributors, Warns us we're in a "Danger Field".

Six Meat Buffet notes the irony.

Ideals and Impossibilities asks the important questions.

Memento Moron thinks this is moronic.

Mean Mr. Mustard knows which "Sigh'ed" he's on.

Know of more? Leave a link in the comments or traxkbacks.

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