Friday, June 24, 2005

Enter to Win While You Lose!

Darth Apathy and I came up with the idea for this Blog last night as we were discussing our disgust (because discussed disgust is better than merely cussed disgust) over the Supreme Court's decision to dismantle the 5th Amendment. We reflected on the fact that they just recently did the same to the 10th in the Medical Marijuana ruling, and also noted the wounds received by the 1st thanks to McRINO(er... McCain)-Feingold. So, taking a cue from a more famous Blogging institution, we decided to start....

A Constitution Dead Pool!

And you too can join in the fun! Here's how it works:

Post on the Pool at your own Blog, and link to this post, then track back to it. Both your post AND your trackback should list in order the next ten amendments or articles of the constitution that you think will be dismantled by some lame-brained ruling or law. A panel of 5 judges will run this Blog. Any time the news of such a law or ruling comes out, we will post to the Pool Blog asking, “Is [Article/Amendment Y] dead?” and leave the comments open for exactly 3 days. At the end of that time, comments will be closed, and the judges will vote. If the majority votes that yes, said law or ruling does gut said portion of the Constitution, then we will post our ruling, and add it to the list of fallen sections. We will then post the winners of that round of the pool based on the following scoring system:

20 Points if a contestant predicted the article or amendment in the right order
10 Points if the article or amendment is the next in line on the contestant’s list
5 Points if the contestant mentioned it at all

50 points each bonus if the contestant can predict beforehand the law or case which delivers the blow.

The above scoring is applied if the damage is done by a federal law or lower court ruling. Double scoring bonus if SCOTUS upholds the damage. Points will be halved (rounded down) if the amendment in question is the First or Second, since they’re already on the ropes.

Submit your list in order from 2-11, not 1-10, and do not include the Fifth Amendment, since it is considered as already having bit the dust.

Winning contestants of each round may receive prizes depending on the whims, mood, and budget of the judges -- or not.

Contest ends when the U.S. Constitution has been completely dismantled. Scores from all rounds will be tallied, overall standings posted, and all contest participants lined up against the wall and shot. Have fun!


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