Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Are the Odds?

Hat Tip to the Llama Butchers for the link.

Sound familiar?

A developer in New Hampshire wants to use Eminent domain to seize a private residence and use the land to build a hotel. Here's what makes the story different:

The home in question belongs to SCOTUS Justice David Souter.

I know, I know, it's a protest move, symbolic, a publicity stunt. And it's got a snowball's chance in hell of ever happening.

But if it causes Souter, for even one second, to know what it feels like to be the rest of us, it was an effort well spent.


Here's a an update from Logan Clements, who appeared last night on FNC's "Hannity and Colmes":

When asked by television host Rich Lowry, who was filling in for Sean Hannity, why he didn't go after Justice John Paul Stevens' abode as well, Clements responded, "There are such things as hotel chains, and so we can certainly have other locations."


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